Colorado Charter School Institute

CSI is a statewide public charter school authorizer, currently authorizing 41 schools serving over 17,000 PK-12 students across the state, from Durango to Steamboat Springs and Fruita to Calhan.

As a charter authorizer, CSI's accountability system focuses on the outputs—that is, the quantitative evaluation of academic, organizational, and financial school performance—providing schools the flexibility to focus on and make decisions about inputs like instructional strategies, educational programming, internal assessment system, facility selection, and staffing. The focus on outcomes rather than processes allows CSI to be neutral on educational model and maintain a diverse portfolio of school models, which includes Classical, Early College, Alternative, and Montessori models. Learn more about CSI's Portfolio of Schools

CSI accepts charter applications from those interested in starting a charter school as well as those interested in transferring, expanding, or replicating an existing charter school. Learn more about charter authorization through CSI.  

Our Mission

The mission of the Charter School Institute is to foster high-quality public school choices offered through institute charter schools, including particularly schools that are focused on closing the achievement gap for at-risk students.