School Contacts

Contact Identification 
Each summer, CSI requires the school leader to complete the School Contacts Identification online form (sent via email), identifying one staff contact for each CSI department or task required. This form is used to create CSI’s distribution lists for the school year. For schools with multiple contacts for one area, CSI requests that the school identify one contact for CSI to communicate with and create an internal process for sharing information to additional contacts as needed.

For a list of the contacts that need to be identified for the 2016-2017 school year, along with the contact's general responsibilities, please view the 2016-2017 Overview of CSI School Contacts and 2016-2017 Timeline by Department

Contact Updates during the School Year
Should a school contact change in the middle of the school year, the school should notify the appropriate contact at CSI, identifying the staff member to remove from CSI’s distribution lists as well as identifying the staff member to add to CSI’s distribution lists. Schools can expect that distribution lists will be updated within three business days from this form being submitted.