Early Access

Early Access refers to the early entrance to kindergarten or first grade for highly advanced gifted children under the age of six. Early access is not be an acceleration pattern recommended for the majority of age 4 or age 5 gifted children. The purpose of early access is to identify and serve the few highly advanced gifted children who require comprehensive academic acceleration (which is defined as students scoring above the 97th percentile). Early Access into kindergarten or first grade was established by House Bill 1021, effective July 2008. Click here to access the CDE Fast Facts for Early Access.

For more information about Early Access, please review CSI's Early Access Guidance, view the CSI webinar recording or view the webinar PowerPoint slides.

Characteristics of Young Gifted Learners

Research on gifted children reveals that even in early childhood they display significant differences from the developmental patterns observable in age-peers of average ability. The highly advanced gifted child is a minority even among gifted children. Their capacity to learn is significantly advanced even beyond the average for the intellectually and academically gifted.

Here are a few resources to help you identify gifted and highly gifted students based on common characteristics of gifted and highly gifted young children. 

Common Traits and Descriptors of Young Gifted Children
The Highly Advanced Gifted Child (kindergarten)
The Gifted Preschooler (preschool)

Identification Tools, Readiness Checklists and Parent Inventories

There are numerous resources out there to support the identification of gifted and highly gifted students. Here are some resources that might be helpful to include as a part of the portfolio or to help build up a body of evidence for the performance and readiness criteria. Please feel free to customize or modify the documents to meet the needs of your program and your students. Also, please do not feel limited to only these documents. There are many other resources out there that you may use.

Common Assessments

Matrix of Commonly Used Measures
Matrix of Common Identification Tools for Young Gifted Children

Readiness Checklists and Inventories

Getting Reading for Kindergarten - Readiness Chart
Parent Information Form K-3rd Grade (KOI Parent Inventory)
Checklist of My Child's Strengths - Parent Inventory
Kindergarten Skills Checklist for Early Access
Preschool Skills Checklist for Early Access