Conversion Applications

Applicant Eligibility

An application may be submitted by one or more individuals, or by a nonprofit, governmental, or other entity or organization seeking to convert an existing public school to a charter school authorized by CSI. Additionally, the applicant must have a governing board in place at the time of application submission. 

CSI can authorize charter schools in 1) districts that do not retain exclusive chartering authority (ECA), and 2) in districts that retain ECA but have or are willing to waive ECA through a board resolution. A list of districts with their chartering authority status can be found on the CDE

Schools interested in locating in a geographic district that retains ECA but are interested in authorization by CSI should communicate with the geographic district and CSI in advance of submitting an application to determine the feasibility of that option. This does not apply for single- and multi-district online schools as both the district and CSI have authority to authorize them.

Application Process & Timeline

CSI conducts a fall cycle for conversion school applications. Below is the timeline for the new school application process, with new school applications due to CSI in March for applicants interested in opening in July of the following year.      

9/1: Letter of Intent
9/18: Application Due
September/October: Applicant Hosts Geographic Meeting
10/9: Presentation to CSI Board's Performance Management Committee
10/9-13: Interview with CSI Review Team
11/6: Recommendation and report discussed by CSI Board's Performance Management Committee
11/14: Board Action

Conversion School Application Materials

Below are the application materials for the Fall 2017 cycle.  

Applicants are asked to submit the Letter of Intent by September 1, 2017.  The Letter of Intent guides the applicant in determining which addenda must be completed, so completing this form early on is advantageous. 

Conversion school application submission is due September 18, 2017.

Letter of Intent
Conversion School Application Template
CSI Budget Template
CSI Waiver Request Template