Student Services Screener & Tiers of Support

The CSI Student Services Screener is designed to:

    The tool consists of performance indicators, a primary and secondary screener and associated data entry templates, performance indicator rubric, and scoring tool. For more information on the Student Services Screener, please review the following webinar: 

    The performance indicators are outlined in the following graphic.

    The primary screener process involves conducting an initial primary screen in order to identify which schools require interventions and supports. The number of subgroups identified for intervention will determine the support tier the school will be placed on and then the secondary screening tool will be used to hone in on specific areas to target in a School Support Plan. The following graphic lists universal and intervention supports.

    The annual review cycle associated with the Student Services Screener and Support Plan Implementation begins in January with the initial screener and determination of tiers with the finalization of support plans for Tier 2 and Tier 3 schools by September. The following graphic outlines the timeline.