Charter Modifications

Charter Modification Request 
The Institute has developed a Charter Modification Request Process that provides Institute charter schools with a format to propose changes to the Institute School's charter contract.  Depending on the type of change, the Institute School may either need to notify the Institute or request and obtain advanced approval pursuant to the following.  Where necessary, a contract amendment will be developed and executed.  

Material Modifications:
Changes to the following items are considered material to the charter and required advanced approval by the Institute.  An Institute School seeking to amend one of the following must submit a Charter Modification Request Form.  Changes to these items should not be made by the School until approval from the Institute is received. 

  • Education Program (overall school model - e.g., Montessori, Classical, Language Immersion, etc.)
  • Education Service Provider (addition of or material change in services provided by an education service provider, including revisions to the management contract)
  • Addition of regular school-to-home, home-to-school transportation or purchase of transportation vehicle 
  • Addition of an online program 
  • Expansion (depending on type of expansion; for additional information, see CSI's School Expansion Policy) 
Immaterial Changes*
The following items require advanced notification to the Institute but do not require formal Institute approval.  For any changes listed below, please email the updated document(s) to Trish Krajniak at unless otherwise noted.  You do not need to complete the Charter Modification Request Form. 
  • Name
  • Mission/Vision 
  • Enrollment Policy
  • Food Services
  • Changes to Interim Assessments 
  • Program Plans (IEP, 504, GT, ELL) 
  • Location Modification (additional facility or change of facility) 
  • Insurance Coverage (reduction of coverage) 
  • Bylaws or Articles of Incorporation 
  • Board-Approved Budget (as updates are made, send to
  • Family Handbook
  • School Calendar, Hours 
  • Addition of Special Programs (homeschool, before-and-after-school care, etc.)
  • Significant Changes to Organizational Structure 
*Note: Although the above changes typically do not require advanced Institute approval, should a change materially affect the charter contact, pose a safety threat to the school community, or otherwise materially impact the academics, finances, or operations of the Institute School, the Institute reserves the right to require the Institute School to seek formal approval for the change.  All modifications to any of these policies or documents must still be in accordance with both federal and state law.