CMAS is the umbrella term used for both the Colorado Science and Social Studies assessments and the English Language Arts and Math assessments (formerly PARCC). 

2019 Resources coming soon.


CMAS Accommodations Training Webinar
Recording link:
Powerpoint: 2017-2018 CMAS Accommodations Training.pptx

CMAS Administration Training Webinar
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All SACs are required to demonstrate that they have reviewed CSI trainings and conducted school-level training and technology readiness preparations.

CMAS and CoAlt Security Agreement Spring 2018.pdf

Unique Accommodation Request Forms
Auditory Presentation
District Approval of Math Charts and Counters_2017-18.docx
Other Accommodation_2017-18.docx
Scribe Accommodation_2017-18.docx

***ALL UAR requests due by December 13th; files must be uploaded to Syncplicity by 5 pm. 

2018 CMAS Administration Training for SACs.pptx
2018 CMAS CoAlt Procedures Manual_ForWeb.pdf
Spring 2018 CMAS Overview.pdf
Unit Testing Times and Testing Multiple Groups Spring 2018 (1).pdf
2018 CMAS TA CBT Training.pptx
2018 CMAS TA PBT Training.pptx

Training videos
How To Add Not Tested/Void Codes