The WIDA-ACCESS Placement Test (W-APT) is the screener to assist in the identification of students that qualify for English Language Development (ELD) programming.

  • Per federal guidelines, students new to the district with a primary or home language other than English must be screened and placed within 30 days from the beginning of the school year. Throughout the remainder of the school year, this screening and placement determination must happen within two weeks of the student's enrollment. 
  • Determination of ELD program placement is determined at the school level. For programming support, please contact the CSI Student Services Department.
  • W-APT™ is paper-based at all grades K-12.

All staff administering the WAPT are required to complete the WAPT training provided by the WIDA website. 

**Beginning August 31, 2017, use link http://wida.us/client/WAPT1-12/ to access materials and training**

Assessment Resources

  • WIDA Website This site includes training resources and certification quizzes for those administering the W-APT. Additionally, test materials may be downloaded and printed directly from WIDA.
  • W-APT Score Calculator (not to be used for Kindergarten) Staff input raw scores to receive a calculated composite proficiency level.
  • Speaking Samples (use WIDA log in to access) 
  • ACCESS Training:80% required for ACCESS test administrators, recommended but not required for W-APT
  • CDE's English Language Assessment: This page contains W-APT cut points for determining ELL eligibility and NEP/LEP classification

Regulations & Guidance Resources

For questions related to the WAPT, or to request a WIDA account, please email Jessica Welch.