Renewal Site Visit

Purpose and Overview

The site visit will primarily focus on corroborating and augmenting the information found in the charter renewal application and the CSI Annual Review of Schools (CARS) Report, and to verify that the school is implementing improvement strategies with fidelity.

The CSI Performance Frameworks provide the basis for the CSI Annual Review of Schools. The Performance Frameworks explicitly define the measures by which CSI holds schools accountable with regards to academic, financial, and organizational performance. The three areas of performance covered by the frameworks—academic, financial, and organizational— correspond directly with the three components of a strong charter school application, the three key areas of responsibility outlined in strong state charter laws and strong charter school contracts, and are the three areas on which a charter school’s performance should be evaluated. In each of these three areas, the frameworks ask a fundamental question: how did the school perform last year?

This page contains resources for schools during the charter renewal site visit process. For questions, or for more information, please email