Charter Applicants

Thank you for your interest in applying to the Colorado Charter School Institute! The Charter School Institute accepts applications from those interested in starting a charter school, expanding or replicating a current charter school, and transferring a current charter to CSI.  Scroll to the bottom of this page to access all application materials.

Applicants are 
encouraged to review the CSI website and the CSI Services List to learn more about CSI authorization and support services.  CSI's website also has sample, approved applications for applicants to review.  

General Application Timelines
Applications for new schools and replication schools are released in January 2017 and are due in March 2017.  The application for 
transfer schools is released in October 2017 and due in December 2017. The application for expansion schools is released in July 2017 and due in October 2017.  

Call for Applications

Call for New School Applications

The New School Application materials can be found below.

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 New Schools Transfer Schools Replication Schools Expansion Schools

Application for new schools interested in opening in fall of 2018
 Application for schools interested in transferring to the Charter School Institute in July 2017 Application for schools interested in replicating & opening in August 2018
Application for schools interested in expanding in July 2017

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Application Due:

Application Due: 
Application Due: 
Application Due:
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View & Download Application Materials

Click on the links below to download the appropriate application materials. 

New School Application Materials (Spring 2017 Cycle) 
 For specific questions regarding the new school application process, please email Janet Dinnen at  
Required Materials

Call for Applications

Letter of Intent 
New School Application Template 
CSI Budget Template
CSI Waiver Request Template
New School Application Rubric
Optional Resources

CSI Authorization FAQs
New School App Process FAQs
Geographic Districts FAQs

Other Cycle Application Materials
For specific questions regarding transfer, replication, and expansion schools, please email Ryan Marks at

Expansion School Application

The expansion school application will be utilized by existing CSI schools wishing to expand the scope of the current program by grade, hours, and/or site. 
    Expansion School Letter of Intent
    Expansion School Application Template

Transfer School Application

The transfer school application will be utilized by existing charter schools wishing to transfer authorization from their current authorizer to CSI.
    Transfer School Letter of Intent
    Transfer School Application Template

Replication School Application

The replication school application will be utilized to replicate an existing school in a new location and expand the impact of the current school.
    Replication School Letter of Intent
    Replication Application Template